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Who am I actually?



I am a 30 years old Media Manager and Consultant with Management, Marketing, and Media Production skills and more than 5 years of international experience. I started working in the media branch in 2009 and graduated with a Bachelor in “International Media and Entertainment Management” (specialization in marketing) and a Master in “Business Administration” (MBA) in 2015 and 2017. I am a team player but also like to motivate other talents as a fair leader. My entrepreneurial mindset (own start-ups), communication skills (mediation between clients and agencies), media marketing knowledge (social media, Google Ads, Google Analytics etc), and creativity (film, music, Adobe Cloud etc) helps me to handle my daily work as a manager of high volume projects and campaigns. 

Companies and brands I worked with since 2009

Accenture, Google, Daimler / Mercedes Benz, Sony Music Germany , Persil, VHV Versicherungen, Volkswagen, BMW, Volvo, Sofort Bank, McFit, Loox, Emmi, Fruchtzwerge (Danone), IDTV Amsterdam, Warner Music Group Germany, Michalsky, DHL, Fluff, 13th Street / NBC Universal, Guinness, Cortal Consors, Trivago, Deine Stimme gegen Armut, Philip Morris/Chesterfield, Universal Music Germany, Braun, Amageddon Musik, Antitude Instrumentals, OP-TEC Entertainment, Alex Berlin, Maggi, NHTV Breda, Jung von Matt, Element E, Emenes Filmproduktion, Radical Media, Bigfish, Schuhwerk Filmproduktion, Fat Lady Film, Mr. Bob Films, E+P Films, LB Films, Star Entertainment, Cinema for Peace Foundation, Seed, Patrice, X-Factor, Gentleman, 3A, University of Worcester, Markenfilm Crossing / VIRUS, Pro7, Mazda Motors Europe, J. Walter Thomson / Team Cosmo, RaabTV, Brainpool, Phillip und Keuntje, Star Cooperation, Cordon Berlin, …




First of all, thank you for visiting my page. I really appreciate your interest!

I am Joshua, I am 30 years old and I am from Germany.

After successfully finishing school in 2009 I started to work as a production assistant for several commercial and music video shootings in Berlin. After a while, I’d had enough of “just” being the assistant. This was the moment when I decided to become a Media Manager by myself. I started with small music video productions and can now look back on a variety of projects and references produced and managed by myself.

In 2010 I founded my first company, which was a small independent music label called “Amageddon Musik”. Since then we released the albums of several artists, both digitally and physically. For the label I was in charge of everything; management, PR, music video productions, release management, web design and everything else you can imagine.

In 2011 I moved to Holland and started studying the four years English taught Bachelor’s degree “International Media & Entertainment Management”, which I finished in 2015. This study program had the focus on management, marketing, media production and content creation. While studying I was trying and implementing everything I learned directly into my company and into film productions I was doing in my “free time”. During my placement semester, I was working for another film company in Berlin.

In my graduation period, I founded my second company “”. Set up by myself and 2 friends, we managed the media needs of our customers, mediating the relationships between them and a large pool of media freelance contacts we got to know during our work in the media industry. We operate at a 20% management fee per forwarded customer (filmproductions, music studios recordings, photographers, marketing, camera operators, editors, distributors, etc). This enabled me to still work for my company as well as producing videos while working as an intern for the Mercedes-Benz mother company Daimler from 2015-2016.

In 2016, I have been living in England doing my MBA (Master of Business Administration), while still running “”. In the first half of 2017, I moved back to Stuttgart to write my dissertation in the Media department of Daimler AG in Stuttgart and Sindelfingen. After graduating with my Master of Business Administration in summer 2017, I moved to Dublin to work for the Fortune 500 company Accenture in order to represent Google for business to business clients to support them with digital marketing campaigns. In January 2018 I came back to Germany, producing films for Markenfilm Crossing, the subsidiary of Europes biggest commercial film production company Markenfilm. Since July 2018 I am working on digitalization, marketing and media projects as an Automotive Consultant at Star Cooperation. Our main clients are Daimler, Volkswagen, BMW and Volvo. 

I am already looking forward to working with YOU on some exciting projects in the nearer future.

Do not hesitate in contacting me.

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logo-worcester MBA – Master in Business Administration

University of Worcester (Worcester, UK)



Bachelor in International Media & Entertainment Management

NHTV University of Applied Science (Breda, Netherlands)

(Bachelor of Business Administration – Focus on Marketing, Management, Media Production and Content creation)